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Fog Chaser is a musician and composer based in the Pacific Northwest.

The premise of this newsletter is simple: Once every month I email you a moment of calm, which includes: 

  • a short original instrumental music composition; 

  • an accompanying visual of my own that inspired the composition (a photo, 35mm or digital, or a video).

While some of these “seeds” become fully-realized songs that may enjoy a true release, others may not. Regardless, these songs are shared here first — and I’m so excited to share this process with you.

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“The music is beautiful. It’s enlivened by the comments about what inspired it, by the picture, and by the poem...it struck me right in the heart.”

How do I sign up?

Fog Chaser is a reader-supported publication. All subscribers — both free and paid — get the first newsletter and song every month and my immense gratitude for their time and attention. Paid subscribers also get:

  1. Occasional extras, including:

    1. Morning Coffee Melodies: A solo piano or guitar series.

    2. Videos: I’ll share some short films featuring my music — either as collaborations with filmmakers or of my own making — over the course of the year.

  2. The Full Archive: Posts older than twelve months are archived and only accessible to paid subscribers.

  3. Plus: Free downloads of every song and members-only discounts on merchandise.

Sustaining Members get access to the Collectors’ Edition: an exclusive Fog Chaser welcome gift, high-quality photo prints, select physical goods, and more every year.

Where else can I listen?

In addition to listening through this newsletter and on the Substack platform, I regularly release music across streaming platforms, and I plan to eventually release my music in other more traditional ways as well (albums, both physical and digital).

Subscribers to this list will receive my work well ahead of release, and they will be the first to know about any releases.

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Why a newsletter? 

“It allows me to armchair travel through the woods via the sounds and views. Whole music + video combo conquered my heart. True magic encapsulated here

- Stygi (Midweek Crisis)

As the music industry continues to shift, I crave a consistent space where I can calmly share my in-process work, demos, visual inspirations, and thoughts in a more direct way than the usual channels allow for. The idea of a regular newsletter where I can marry my musical efforts to the communication method most in my comfort zone (writing) has become the ideal space to connect with those who are most interested in hearing my music.

I also love taking photos with my old 35mm camera, and I was looking for a way to share these amateur shots alongside my music — this format has been a great way to bring the two together. I also occasionally dabble with making videos for these songs.

What to expect. 

This newsletter, and the musical meditations I send, are places of exploration for me: Seeds of ideas and experimentations with sonic choices and concepts in music theory, all shared in a way that is wildly different from the typical album/single release cycle.

I hope you find the music and photography enjoyable and interesting. If at any point you find that it is neither of those things, just click “unsubscribe” and don’t think twice about it.

Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you’re here.

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